JOE's Favourite Foursomes – Father Ted and his Craggy Island clan 6 years ago

JOE's Favourite Foursomes – Father Ted and his Craggy Island clan

Happy birthday to us...

It's a big week here at JOE HQ as we celebrate our fourth birthday and, to mark the occasion, we've decided to pick out some of our favourite foursomes. Because "foursomes" and "fourth" are connected in some deep and meaningful way. Don't ask too many questions.


You can tweet us at #JOEbirthday if you like. As for a present, you're getting us some matador stuff, right?

Fr Ted Matador

Yesterday we took a look at San Diego's finest, the Channel Four News Team , but today we are talking about the residents of Craggy Island's most famous landmark... apart from the field!

JOE shudders to think of a world without Fr Ted. Simply put, it is the best sitcom of all time and a stunningly accurate reflection of the quirks, madness and insane humour that defines Irish people. Amazingly, it has been 19 years since the show first aired but the fact that JOE still hysterically laughs at the antics of Ted, Dougal , Jack and Mrs Doyle is testament to the cast and the amazing writing of Arthur Matthews and Graham Linehan.

Clip via - MrJacobunny

Fr Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan)


"The money was just resting in my account."

Eight words that set in motion the hilarious events of the show as Fr Ted Crilly tries to deal with the lunacy and insanity unfolding around him.

The "Lourdes thing" means that Ted has been exiled to Craggy Island where he remains the only "sane" person surrounded by monkey priests, dancing priests, gambling priests and Fr Bigley! Despite constantly missing the  buzz of  "the big city" ie. Wexford, Craggy Island is where Ted truly belongs. Endearingly greedy, vain and selfish but always funny and charming, the show revolves around the late great Dermot Morgan's amazing performance.

No one else can claim to be a Golden Cleric winner, Eurovision entrant and the winning manager in the All-Priests-Five-a-Side Over 75's Indoor challenge. We all love Fr Ted Curly, sorry Crilly, because in JOE's view he is the best leading man in any sitcom.  Hero.


Clip via - Channel 4

Fr Dougal McGuire (Ardal O'Hanlon)

"The lights are on but there's no one home".

If ever there was a phrase to summarise the unbelievably stupid, childlike but hilarious Dougal, then this is it. He is a priest who has no clue or interest in religion because his mind is on other things like spider babies, aliens and roller-blading. How he ended up on Craggy island is a mystery. Ted reckons that he collected 12 crisp packets and became a priest, while Bishop Brennan said that he had to act quickly to prevent the Vatican from getting involved with Dougal before.


JOE doesn't have enough words to express our sheer love for Dougal and the amazing job that Ardal O'Hanlon did in bringing such a wonderfully clueless,  naive, yet timeless character to life. He is one of JOE's favourite TV characters. Why? Take a look.

Clip via - Channel 4

Fr Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly)


"Drink, Feck, Arse, Girls".

JOE never knew that it was possible to drink toilet duck , incense or Castroil but then again most people aren't Fr Jack. The eldest priest of the bunch , he enjoys the occasional drink and reminiscing about his glory days (More Water!) , but his violent, abusive and hilarious outbursts hide a sensitive side. He loves his brick, is in touch with nature, but only during leap years and most rabbits see him as a god.

Clip via - Fr Ted Clips

Mrs Doyle (Pauline McLynn)

"Awww Go On."

It's very easy to underestimate the Craggy island house keeper who does all of the following; makes the tea, fixes the roof, washes Dougal, chats to the milkman and arranges the Ferrero Rocher in a triangular shape. She does all of this 24/7 without even sleeping, some woman.

 Clip via - Hat Trick