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24th Dec 2013

JOE’s Film Podcast – Episode V: JOEngle All the Way

A long time ago (this week) in a galaxy far, far away (the offices of


A long time ago (this week) in a galaxy far, far away (the offices of…

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Welcome one and all to the fifth film podcast where resident office fancy dan Adrian Collins, and  Sue ‘Baby Hands’ Murphy (of fame) are joined by Mike ‘Editor Not at Large But Still in Charge’ Sheridan to discuss what’s going down in the world of cinema and entertainment.

This week, with it being the festive season, the two angry men, and one even angrier lady, discuss the best movies of the year just gone that stood out, from Blue is the Warmest Colour with all its lesbian stuff to the hugely entertaining comedy This is the End, which we’re confident in saying is at the other end of the spectrum. In there somewhere, there’s a mention for this rather brilliant YouTube video too, which features Bane from The Dark Knight, and his preoccupation with dietary requirements. “Bagel and cream cheese”

There’s also a chat about the best Christmas movies that you must watch during the festive season, which obviously features Home Alone, and some brief instructions on how to make the best turkey sandwich going. The tip there is to in fact make two turkey sandwiches.

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