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24th Jan 2014

JOE’s Film Podcast – Episode VII: Se7en, featuring Robert De Niro and Sly Stallone

There are some incredibly special guests on this week's pod, two small-time actors called Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone


There are some incredibly special guests on this week’s pod, two small-time actors called Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone

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Welcome one and all to another episode of the film podcast where resident office fancy dan Adrian Collins, Eoghan ‘Wet Hands’ Doherty and  Sue ‘Baby Hands’ Murphy (of fame) shoot the breeze all about movies and stuff and junk.

In this episode, the crew missed a few big movies coming out last week, so they decided that they’d look back on The Wolf of Wall Street. Unsurprisingly, Adrian hasn’t seen anything because he thinks he’s too busy, but Eoghan and Sue do have some informed opinions about Scorsese’s latest collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio. They also turn their attention briefly to the works of Kyle Chandler, which includes our much-beloved Coach Taylor character, who wants to tell you something.

There’s also some chat about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and how upsetting it is to look at Chris Pine, a chat about the latest effort from the Coen Brothers Inside Llewyn Davis as well as fellow Oscar contender August: Osage County. Speaking of the Academy Awards, they chat about Grudge Match too, and there’s a great game that’s fun for the whole family based around the Oscars, so tune in to that for a bit of a laugh.

You should be forewarned however, that for some reason that may or may not have something to do with sugar and caffeine, this week’s episode is…unique. We do apologise for that, which you can hear for yourself in person right at the end. If you can make it that far.

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