John Krasinski on his secret house in Cork, the Angelus and the terrifyingly brilliant A Quiet Place 11 months ago

John Krasinski on his secret house in Cork, the Angelus and the terrifyingly brilliant A Quiet Place

The best horror in years is finally here. You might see him in Munster too.

It's somewhat ironic that John Krasinski endured months of on-screen silence while making A Quiet Place because right now, every single film fan is talking about his new horror. The man that's most famous for playing Jim Halpert in The Office has crafted one of the most original, terrifying and utterly brilliant horror films in recent memory.

Aside from his writing and directing duties, Krasinski also stars as the father that has to protect his wife (played by his real-life spouse Emily Blunt) and children from a horde of horrific and bloodthirsty creatures.

The family of four must navigate their lives in silence because if they make a sound, these mysterious creatures will track them down and kill them. If they hear you, they hunt you.

Ever since the premise was revealed, we instantly knew that A Quiet Place was going to be something that's truly original and the film delivers in spades - you can read our full review here - but when Rory Cashin caught up with Krasinski, he was more than happy to talk about a plethora of things. Don't worry, no monsters heard the noise, swept in and attacked them!

Aside from that magnificent beard, the talented writer/director/actor also spoke about his love for Jaws and the most memorable scene from the film. No spoilers here. Given the premise of the film, Rory was curious if Krasinski had ever heard of the Angelus? After all, A Quiet Place would be very different it was set in Ireland.

Speaking of the Emerald Isle, the star of Away We Go and Detroit revealed that he does have a house in Goleen, Co Cork and that anyone can drop by... on one condition.

Take a look.

With a rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, it's clear that A Quiet Place is a cinematic experience that film fans are not going to want to miss. If you're ready to have your nerves shredded, you can check out A Quiet Place when it's released in Irish cinemas this weekend.

Here's a look at what's in store.

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