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07th Oct 2015

Karl Pilkington moans to JOE about 11 things in 11 minutes


It has been two years since Karl Pilkington ventured on his first journey of self-discovery and basically grumbled his way around the globe.

The moaning mate of Ricky Gervais is back after embarking on another trip trying to tackle life’s questions and find answers to the ‘big stuff’.

Pilkington has made a career (and a reported £2.5million) from being a serial whinger, but we can confirm his outlook has softened a little for his new series ‘The Moaning of Life 2’.

Still, in 11 minutes with the telly star, he still managed to complain about everything from art, to travel to telly. And somehow he’s still managing to get away with being a complete grouch.


“I don’t think I’d be good with a kid, they do shit drawings and you have to pretend to like them.”

Social media:

“It’s not for me. If YouTube existed when I was a kid, I’d be doing something better than this now.”

Life-changing experiences:

“I reckon when Lenny Henry goes home from his trips to Africa, he still goes apeshit if there’s no milk in the fridge.”

Having a hairy body:

“It’s my job to clean the plughole at home and it’s gross, it’s like Brian May is living in my drain.”

Getting naked on TV:

“It’s not right. I’d feel bad on (girlfriend) Suzanne, it’s a little part of me which is hers that the viewers haven’t seen. Only Suzanne and my doctor get to feel down there.”

Performance art:

“If you’re going to be a mime artist, why do it where there are bloody statues? How can you compete with that?”

Art in general:

“Anything that’s done quickly, tends to be really shit, I mean it’s not often a masterpiece. What’s good that’s done quickly? A pot noodle.”

On his new series ‘The Moaning of Life 2’:

“If that existed and that was me, I don’t know if I’d watch it….”

Playing outside as a kid:

“I reckon I cleaned my trainers of dog shit more than I cleaned my teeth.”


“Everywhere you go, you turn the corner and it’s a sh*thole. Put your money towards your mortgage.”

Music shows:

“I’m sick of singers on the telly. I’d rather watch a new show where you get young people to work in hospitals which leads to an operation. Every Saturday night is an operation and at the end someone becomes a surgeon. There you’ve got proper drama and the NHS will benefit. I’d watch that.”

The Moaning of Life 2, episode 1 is aired on Tuesday, October 13 on Sky 1.

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