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WATCH: Derry tells story on Late Late of how he found out he became an internet Batdad sensation overnight
While we were all saying "Catch him Derry", Batdad was completely oblivious.

"Hey, Batman!"

We honestly don't think that the Kerry Bat video is ever going to get old.

Even if we make a conscious decision to try our best not to laugh, the minute the puppy pees on the kitchen floor, you can feel your shoulders going ninety.

You literally have no excuse not to have seen the video at this stage but whether you are a newbie or you want to watch it again for the fourth time today, it is an absolute gem.

What a week the Flemings have been having though, after Derry's attempt to catch a bat that flew into his kitchen went viral, the trio have become an internet sensation and even featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live via video.

However, Tadgh, Maureen and Derry were in the flesh on The Late Late Show last night as Ryan Tubridy chatted to them in the audience.

As they explained how exactly a bat flew into the house and why Tadgh decided to record the incident instead of helping his father, Derry admitted a rather strange fact.

He didn't even know he was an internet sensation until he hit the streets of Tralee on his way to work.

Derry said that it was a regular occurrence to be the "butt of Tadgh's jokes," but he has proved time and time again before this that he is an absolute character.


From 0:50, Derry tells the story of he found out he had become Batdad.

You can also find the video on Facebook here.

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