Kevin Hart is remaking Bill Murray classic Scrooged 3 years ago

Kevin Hart is remaking Bill Murray classic Scrooged

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Shrug emoji.

This writer isn't here to accuse Hollywood of running out of ideas or anything, but... really?


Kevin Hart, fresh from controversy that saw him lose his Oscars hosting gig following the emergence of old homophobic jokes, is set to remake a Christmas classic.

And honestly, this really feels like one of those 'Nah we're grand, thanks' situations.

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Bill Murray in the lead role of Scrooged, where the actor channeled all of his snarkĀ and charm, carrying the film in the process.

"But JOE, Scrooged is itself a remake! And Hollywood makes remakes all the time, some of which are actually grand!" you cry, and it's a fair point, hypothetical argument person.


Still, Kevin Hart remaking Scrooged just doesn't cut it.

Anyone remaking it doesn't cut it.

Regardless, it's on. A Hollywood Reporter exclusive confirms that the 1988 cult hit has been green-lighted by Paramount and the search for a scriptwriter is underway.

Hart is also on board as a producer, and THR note that the project is eyed for him to star in, also.


Best of luck, dude.

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