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21st Feb 2024

Kin actor provides update on show’s future amid fears it may never return

Stephen Porzio


Kin’s second season hit the BBC this month to a rapturous response.

Irish crime drama series Kin has reportedly finished for good, according to a new report.

The Irish Sun, quoting an interview the paper did with one of the show’s actors Sinan Sicimoglu and other TV sources, states that the cancellation is down to Kin’s stars all being out of contract.

Sicimoglu appeared in season two of the series, playing the boss of a pawn shop which the central Kinsella family used to launder their drug money.

Kin actor provides update on show’s future amid fears it may never return.

And while he had hoped to return in the third season of the drama, the actor told The Irish Sun:

“It’s the end of the Kinsellas because all the main actors signed three-year contracts in 2020 to appear in Kin, but it’s now 2024 and those ­contracts have run out.

“It would be impossible to get Charlie [Cox], Clare [Dunne] and Emmett [Scanlan], Sam [Keeley] or Maria [Doyle Kennedy] back on the same set.

“It must be tough for RTÉ because Kin is now such a massive hit for the BBC.”

Kin has just been having a second wind as its second season hit the BBC this month to a rapturous reception.

This recent overseas success had sparked hope that the show would secure more episodes despite Bron Studios, the production company behind the series, declaring bankruptcy in 2023 – putting the crime drama’s future in major doubt.

The Irish Sun also reports that an RTÉ spokesperson stated about the situation: “All the partners are in ­discussions about a third series, but there is nothing to announce at the moment.”

Kin: RTE’s most popular show might not return after contracts ‘disaster’.

Sicimoglu noted to the paper that, even if RTÉ and BBC came together to make a third batch of episodes, they would face major problems in getting lead actor Cox back to appear in them, due to his busy schedule.

Cox will be starring in the upcoming Disney+ Marvel show Daredevil: Born Again, which is set to premiere next year and consist of 18 episodes.

“I chatted to Charlie when we worked together and I know he loved playing Michael, even though he probably made a fraction on Kin to what he’s paid playing Matt Murdock in Daredevil,” Sicimoglu said.

“But even if RTE had a ­contract to get him back, it would be impossible because of the shooting schedule Charlie has doing Daredevil in the US.”

Speaking about the matter to The Irish Sun, an unnamed TV insider said: “This is another disaster for RTÉ, but it’s not their fault… RTÉ must have been horrified when the US backers Bron Studios went bust and they saw the contracts for the main stars lapse.

“Now RTÉ must be tearing their hair out that an Irish TV drama, Kin, is now one of the top five most watched shows on the BBC iPlayer, and they can’t make any more seasons.”

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