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14th Feb 2024

Kin’s success in the UK might give fans what they really want

Simon Kelly

Kin UK reaction

“Please let there be a 3rd series.”

Kin is having a second wind as season 2 of the Irish crime drama hit the BBC this week, and the Brits are absolutely loving it.

With the future of the show hanging in the balance after its production company declared bankruptcy last year, its success overseas might just be the key to securing future seasons.

And by the looks of things, it might be well on its way to getting a new lease on life the reaction of British viewers is anything to go by.

Kin’s success in the UK might give fans what they really want

Bron Studios, the production company behind Kin, declared bankruptcy in 2023, putting the future of the series in major doubt.

Despite saying they were “still working” on finding a solution to the issue last year, RTÉ haven’t provided an update in months.

The first season of the RTÉ show aired on BBC in a primetime slot late last year and British viewers were over the moon about its release.

This week, the second season of the acclaimed drama dropped on BBC’s iPlayer and, judging by social media reactions, its nothing but good news.

One commenter said: “OMG if you haven’t watched Kin yet prepare to stay up all night bingeing.”

Another gushed: “2nd series of Kin certainly kicked off with a bang. Must watch TV.”

More raved about the show, demanding a third season, with one saying, “On episode 7 of Kin. We need series 3 asap, worth a watch if haven’t seen.”

Another said: “Please let there be a 3rd series, phenomenal acting, edge of seat for the whole last episode.”

Whether we get a third season and beyond is still up in the air, but star of the show Emmet Scanlan is still holding out hope.

Speaking to RTÉ in January, the Irish actor said: “I genuinely have no answer whether it’s gonna happen or not, but there are rumblings around the place, positive rumblings, where it might find a new home, it might find a backer and it might go into a season 3.

“It certainly has the potential of going to season 3 and maybe 4, who knows what will happen? When the credits rolled [at the end of the second season] I thought, ‘It can’t end like that.’ So fingers crossed.”

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