HBO boss gives updates on The Last Of Us and the future of Succession and Westworld 1 year ago

HBO boss gives updates on The Last Of Us and the future of Succession and Westworld

Release dates and future seasons are on the agenda.

The Emmy nominations were announced on Tuesday, and HBO racked up an impressive 140 nominations across 24 shows, the highest of any outlet (the next highest was Netflix, with 105 nominations across 35 shows).


Following the nomination announcements, HBO Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the incredible reaction to the network's shows, as well as looking forward to what is coming next.

While he was tight-lipped about certain projects - when asked about the proposed Jon Snow spin-off, he replied "I have nothing to report on the Jon Snow development." - he was a bit more forthcoming about some of their other huge upcoming shows.

First and foremost, Succession. When asked about a release date for the fourth season, Bloys replied:

"We haven’t announced dates yet but I’d imagine White Lotus (Season 2), Succession (Season 4), Barry (Season 4) and Hacks (Season 3) would all be within next year’s Emmy eligibility window."


This would mean that season four of Succession - and the other seasons of the other shows mentioned above - will air and will have completed its run by May 2023, which is in line with previous predictions. When asked about the future of the show beyond the fourth season, Bloys said:

"For a decision like that we do defer to show-runners. It’s up to Jesse Armstrong to decide. They’ve started shooting the fourth season and broken stories and he wants to go through that process to see if he does have more story or themes to explore. It’s up to him. If he wants to do more, great. If this is all he’s got, great.

"A world like Game of Thrones where George R.R. Martin has an entire universe and thousand-year timeline and multiple families and wars and history, that’s not what Jesse has set up. There’s no scenario where a Succession multiverse is in the cards."

When asked the same question about Westworld beyond the fourth season, he replied:


"Like with any show, we’ll see how it does. We haven’t talked to them about ideas for a season five but we’re only three episodes into season four and we’ll see how it goes. No decisions have been made."

And, finally, when asked about a release date for the adaptation of The Last of Us, he replied: "It’s closer to early 2023."

Bring on next year!