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03rd Feb 2018

The Late Late Show are looking for old-school romantics for their Valentine’s special

Rory Cashin

Do you know – or are you a part of – the perfect couple?

The Late Late Show’s Valentine Special has proven to be hugely successful in the past, with over 575,000 people tuning in for last year’s episode.

This year the show are on the hunt for those old-school romantics to come on and chat about how they met, the highs and lows of their relationship, and what they do that keeps the love burning strong after all these years.

Ryan Tubridy had the following to say about the upcoming show:

“Next week is our Valentine’s Special, there will be a lot of youngsters, a lot of hormones, a lot of silliness and goofiness but we need love. We need old love, love that has lasted since the dawn of time. Those couples who met in the 1940s and 1950s and they are still together because they love each other and they mean it. We would love to hear their story.”

Do you think you and your partner could pass on same sage advice to young lovers the world over?

Got some words of wisdom for the painfully single who are hoping to find love in 2018?

Or are you friends with/related to a member of a fantastic couple that you see other couples comparing their relationships to?

If you reckon you know of, or a part of, an old-school romantic couple, email your details on to [email protected].

This year’s Late Late Valentine’s Special will air on Friday 9 February.