"Post-war fun and games" Toy Show on the way, apparently 1 month ago

"Post-war fun and games" Toy Show on the way, apparently

Ryan Tubridy has dropped hints about this year's "crazy" bash...

It's beginning to look a lot like... a story about The Late Late Toy Show in the middle of October.


Christmas is a while away yet, although it'll probably be here before you know it.

And you know what that means – the Toy Show is coming.

A national institution that we seemingly can't get enough of, this year's event has yet to reveal its theme but host Ryan Tubridy has dropped a few hints of what to expect.

Speaking on, er, The Ryan Tubridy Show on RTÉ Radio 1 on Wednesday, Tubridy promised a notably different tone in contrast to last year's edition.

"I had to go and get fitted up for a new nose," he noted.

"And that's before I get to talk about songs – two songs – and before I get to talk about dancing – two dances – and before I get to talk about getting involved in some very special things that we're doing all around the show that involve filming a little bit here and a little bit there – it's very special."

Tubridy noted that there was a "darkness in the air" last year and yet still had to "make the colour shine through" in terms of rising to the challenge of presenting a traditionally upbeat show in the height of a global pandemic.


"This year, the darkness isn't as pronounced," he continued.

"So, if you're wondering where it's going to go – I think it's post-war fun and games and kind of crazy.

"You can expect something pretty, pretty crazy."

Continuing with the whole 'war' theme, Tubridy likened the ongoing pandemic and its related restrictions to a "fog of war".

"I felt we should be ploughing on now with the demolishing of the restrictions," he said in reaction to Tuesday's announcement from Government.


"I understand a little tentative nature of it and I do also understand, not to be too flippant, I understand the concerns of those in the clubs and beyond – all I know is that we are moving forward as a people and a society.

"Please, look across to Australia – only this time last year we looked across to Australia and New Zealand and said, 'If only we were them' – now we're looking across going, 'Thank god we're not them'. We can go, thankfully, to the pub, to the cinema, we can start going to gigs and things like that.

"And I know it's complicated but it is a war situation and the fog of war throws up very complicated scenarios. Hopefully, they'll clarify them for you in the next day or two because it's that close and livelihoods are at stake."

Is the Toy Show about to pivot to a full-scale military operation?


Start your rampant speculation now...