The Late Late Toy Show are now accepting applications 11 months ago

The Late Late Toy Show are now accepting applications

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"And there's one for everyone in the audience!"

When it comes to tickets for the Late Late Toy Show, we'd love to be able to say that's true for everyone that's reading this article. Sadly, it's not.

However, we can offer a glimmer of hope because the application process to get tickets for The Late Late Toy Show is now open.

Ryan Tubridy announced the news on the latest edition of The Late Late Show and in the immortal words of George Hamilton "the nation holds its breath."

To put things into context, last year saw over 100,000 applications to be in the audience for Ireland’s most popular television event.

Speaking about this year's draw, Ryan Tubridy said: "It is that time of year when I find myself being asked more than normal 'any chance of a ticket for Toy Show?' The appetite for Toy Show tickets never fails to astonish me and it seems to be growing every year.

"We have something truly special planned for this year's show and the only way to be in with a chance of getting a ticket is to apply now. I wish you good luck with your application and I hope to see you at the most wonderful night of the year!”

This year’s Late Late Toy Show airs on RTÉ One on Friday, 29 November and the theme continues to be a closely guarded secret.

For anyone that's curious, all applications for Toy Show tickets are processed separately to applications for tickets to the regular Late Late Show and each year the application process starts anew.

Basically, even if you have applied for Toy Show tickets before or are already in the running for seats at the main show, to be in with a chance to get tickets to this year’s Toy Show, you must apply separately by going to this address.

It's important to note that only applications made through this website will be entered in to the draw.

Tickets are issued via a random lottery and those lucky enough to secure a seat will be notified closer to the recording date.

Best of luck with the application!