Late Late Viewers left in awe of Paul McGrath's memories of Jack Charlton 10 months ago

Late Late Viewers left in awe of Paul McGrath's memories of Jack Charlton

Simply heartwarming.

Paul McGrath is a national treasure, something we all knew, but he's managed to get the entire country in awe of him once again after his appearance on The Late Late Show.


The footballer chatted to Ryan Tubridy on Friday night (20 May) about the hardships he faced with alcohol and how Jack Charlton was his saving grace.

Speaking about how Jack's forgiveness was what ultimately saved his life, viewers were amazed by the memories he held so close to his heart.

"He knew I was a little bit different I think because I'd end up on a train that I wasn't supposed to be on... and he always forgave me, he always wanted me back on the team and he'd say: 'You won't be playing the next game but you will be playing the next game [after that] if you behave'," Paul said.

He went on to describe the 10 years he played for Ireland with Jack as manager as "the best 10 years of my life" despite the difficulties he faced.


One part of the show that really stuck out to viewers was when Paul presented Jack's son John with a book of condolences signed by thousands of members of the Irish public.

John was noticeably emotional when he read through the messages about his dad, and viewers at home were not far off.


One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Jack Charlton will always have a place in my heart. He gave us Irish something to hope for, and he left me with one of the best memories of my childhood. He was one of a kind."

Another said: "Jack Charlton passed away, and unlike so many other legends, we only heard good stories. No scandal, nothing to sully his memory. He was so special."

A third wrote: "Paul McGrath looking like a million dollars on tonight's Late Late. Absolute legend, our greatest player of all time."

A fourth added: "Paul McGrath will never not be Ireland’s greatest ever player, he was THAT good."