If you like puzzles and frights, then you're going to love this scarily good escape experience 3 years ago

If you like puzzles and frights, then you're going to love this scarily good escape experience

The sweet escape...

Ahead of the 20 January release of Split, the brand new psychological thriller from the mind of M Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) and starring the superb James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class, Shameless), we teamed up with Universal Pictures to step inside the world of the movie.

We say teamed up, but they basically locked us in a room for a hour, leaving us to plan our own escape through a series of puzzles, riddles and screaming really loudly.

McAvoy plays Kevin, a man with 23 different personalities... and a frightening 24th which is about to be unleashed. Driven by these inner demons, Kevin abducts three unsuspecting friends and keeps them captive in a unknown location.

In keeping with the film's terrifying themes of kidnapping and captivity, we headed along to WeEscape in Smithfield, Dublin, to put ourselves through the experience of trying to break out from a similar scary situation.

The WeEscape instructors informed us that, through cracking a series of mental challenges, we would be trying to break out of their "Prison Room".

We were also reassured we could ask for help at any time, if we needed it.

Pfft. Please, we got this, guys.

Escaping the room involved everything from using UV lights to locate hidden clues written on the walls, to solving Sudoku puzzles.

Our overall aim was to try and figure out the correct code to open the safe in the room, which contained our key to escaping to freedom.

As we frantically tried to figure out all of our clues, the WeEscape team monitored our every move on CCTV.

In the end, you'll be happy to hear that we successfully solved the puzzles, found our key and managed to escape to the world outside.

Sure, we're great at Sudoku, but we reckon we'd have a much harder time escaping the clutches of the chilling and creepy Kevin.

Check out the thrilling trailer for Split to see for yourself...

Clip via UniversalPictures Ireland

Split is released in Irish cinemas on 20 January.