Line of Duty fans think trailer reveals Kate's fate after tantalising final scene 1 year ago

Line of Duty fans think trailer reveals Kate's fate after tantalising final scene

Before you go any further, let's get the obvious spoiler alert out of the way...

Ready? Right let's go...


Fans of Line of Duty are convinced that the trailer for the remaining episodes of the season has provided a clue as to the outcome of Sunday night's tantalising episode.

The third-last  episode of this season of the hit BBC show appeared on our screens last night, and, in the show's usual style, ended with a tense cliff-hanger.

The final minutes of the show saw Detective Kate Fleming and (bent) copper Ryan Pilkington engaged in a stand-off, with guns pointed at each other as DI Jo Davidson watched on.

As the episode draws to a close, Kate orders Ryan to drop his weapon, tells him that AC-12 have been following his movements and are on their way to the scene.


Kate says: "Drop the gun, Ryan, drop the gun", as the episode ends with the sound of two gunshots being fired.

Viewers were left in the dark about who fired their weapon and now have to wait until the penultimate episode on Sunday night to find out what happened.

Or, do they?

In the aftermath of the episode, some pointed to the trailer for the series that aired before it returned to the BBC in March and may have uncovered Kate's fate.


The scene from the trailer is brief, but two out of the three people in that scene can be seen below and we don't think one of them is Ryan Pilkington, who, incidentally, doesn't appear in the trailer at all.

Check it out for yourself here, the scene in question is about 45 seconds in, but if you blink, you'll miss it...


In any case, all will be revealed in the next episode, this Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.