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On top of everything else about the first film, one of our favourite aspects of Guardians Of The Galaxy was how crazy good the soundtrack was.

Introducing a whole new generation to the inherent greatness of Redbone's 'Come and Get Your Love' or Blue Swede's 'Hooked on a Feeling' and loads more besides, we've all been dying to know what we'd get to listen to once Peter Quill discovered that his Mom had left him an Awesome Mix Vol.2 all these years later.

Thankfully, it doesn't disappoint, and while the physical copy of the soundtrack is about to hit stores, your good friends here at have put together a Spotify playlist of the soundtrack in full, including the closing track which was co-written by the movie's director James Gunn and features none other than David Hasslehoff.

Elsewhere you've got the likes of Electric Light Orchestra, Fleetwood Mac and George Harrison.


So while you try to figure out what scene goes with each song, be happy knowing you don't have long to wait to figure it out, as Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 hits Irish cinemas on 28 April.


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