EXCLUSIVE: The directors of 21 Jump Street talk about tackling the follow-up to The Martian 8 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: The directors of 21 Jump Street talk about tackling the follow-up to The Martian

JOE chatted to two of biggest behind-the-camera names in Hollywood right now.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is released in cinemas this week, and in case you didn't already know from the hugely positive reactions it so far, it is brilliant.

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In the run-up the release of the movie, JOE sat down with Phil Lord (writer, executive producer) and Chris Lord (executive producer) to chat about the film.

Lord & Miller have made a huge name for themselves in recent years, by writing and directing everything from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs to The LEGO Movie to 21 and 22 Jump Street.

They were also half-way through making Solo: A Star Wars Story before being replaced by Ron Howard, but they haven't let that slow them down, as we chatted about their new project... a sci-fi western heist movie (so... the same genres as Solo?).

However, Artemis is very different to that movie, as it is the novel that author Andy Weir followed up the massive hit The Martian with, and Lord & Miller were all too happy to talk about it:

Lord: "It is a book about a heist on the Moon, in a lunar colony, around this young woman named Jasmine, who is this really interesting, fun character.

"It is very early in development, but the exciting possibilities around that movie. We love the way that Andy Weir creates these very realistic, grounded, science and factual-based stories that are still very exciting and fun and full of possibility."

Miller: "I love that character, I fell in love with her brain! We hope we can make a picture that makes you fall in love with the way somebody thinks, and at the same time, tell a really interesting western set on the Moon!"

Throughout the conversation, we also chatted about how difficult or easy it is to maintain originality while working in Hollywood, the importance of representation in superhero movies, and what it was like to write for Steve the Monkey in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs!

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