A surprising Nicolas Cage movie is getting an out-of-nowhere sequel 6 months ago

A surprising Nicolas Cage movie is getting an out-of-nowhere sequel

Cage is set to be joined by a major rising star in the follow-up.

Lord of War, the 2005 crime drama starring Nicolas Cage, is getting a surprise sequel.


Cage starred in the original as Yuri Orlov, an illegal arms dealer, with the film charting how he became a major player in his field. Eventually, however, the gunrunner is confronted with the immorality of his work, all the while being pursued by a determined Interpol Agent (Ethan Hawke).

Though Lord of War received mixed reviews upon release and was only a moderate box office hit, it has gone on to develop a cult following - leading to the follow-up being greenlit.

Lord of War sequel

The Lord of War sequel has the title: Lords of War

According to multiple reports, the sequel will be titled Lords of War and will see the return of Cage and the original movie's writer-director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time, The Truman Show). Joining the cast meanwhile, will be rising star Bill Skarsgård (Barbarian, John Wick: Chapter 4, IT).

It is said that Lords of War will focus on Orlov discovering that he has a son named Anton (Skarsgård) who is "trying to top his father’s wrongs rather than stop them". This is as Anton "launches a mercenary army to fight America’s Middle East conflicts".

In a statement, Niccol wrote about the Lord of War sequel:

“There is so much more to explore with these characters. Plato said it best — ‘Only the dead have seen the end of war.’ I’m looking forward to spending more time in the company of the charming devil that is Yuri Orlov and now his illegitimate son – who turns out to not be legitimate in any way."


Cage and Skarsgård are producing Lords of War, which is currently set to shoot in autumn of this year.

Meanwhile, JOE recently spoke with Cage about his latest cinema release Renfield in which he played Count Dracula. You can watch that chat right here:

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