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16th Feb 2019

The documentary series about the wife who cut her husband’s penis off is now available to watch

Rory Cashin

lorena amazon reviews

It has been getting some exceptionally positive reviews.

This was one of those true-life stories that everyone kind of heard about, but nobody really seemed to know all of the details.

Back in 1993, what appeared to be a perfect couple self-destructed when reports emerged that in the middle of the night, as the husband slept, the wife cut off his penis, drove away in their car, and threw the severed member out the window.

Now, over 25 years later, both sides of the story are about to be told in Lorena, a new four-part documentary series that features Jordan Peele (director of Get Out and Us) as an executive producer.

The series premiered in the States this weekend, and the early reviews have been very promising:

“Over the course of four hours, we get to know Lorena as a human being, from her naive Catholic upbringing to her wise middle age. Twenty-five years after her trial, we owe Lorena Gallo an apology. This documentary is a good first step.” – The A.V. Club

“First-rate film-making that succeeds in re-working the story we thought we knew into the story we should have known all along.” – Newsweek

“[The show] doesn’t go out of its way indict any single party in the Bobbitt case, choosing instead to allow Lorena, as she is today, to guide us into understand who she really was.

“Part of the messaging here – subtle, but at times as blaring as a pharmaceutically-enhanced erection – is how dominant the phallus as an instrument of patriarchy remains in our culture.” – Salon

“It gets better and more complex as it goes along.” – Wall Street Journal

The entire documentary series is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video right now.

Clip via Amazon Prime Video