Louis C.K. made an all-star film entirely in secret, and it premieres next month 4 years ago

Louis C.K. made an all-star film entirely in secret, and it premieres next month

Normally when you hear about "secret films", it is because whoever is making them wants to keep the plot a secret for as long as possible.

Back in the day, everybody was guessing just what it was that was tearing up New York in Cloverfield - and everyone thought it was a code-name for a new Godzilla movie - and it turns out that that guess was almost right.


Same went with the sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane, which arrived out of nowhere, with the first trailer popping up just a few weeks before the bunker-based thriller hit the big screen.

And of course there was horror movie The Woods... which was definitely a film called The Woods and not to be confused with anything else... right up until the film premiered at a film festival, and the movie's real title - Blair Witch - popped up, to the surprise of everybody present, and promptly sent everyone into a frenzy.

Which is why it is odd that Louis C.K. has decided to keep his new project a secret for so long, considering that it sounds to us like it is potentially just another comedic drama... y'know... like everything else that Louis makes...


This Tweet, from the official Toronto International Film Festival, is the first public announcement we've gotten that the film even exists.

On top of Moretz, Malkovich, Byrne and Day, the film will also star Oscar-winner Helen Hunt and The Soprano's Edie Falco.

The plot is still relatively underwraps, all that has been revealed so far is that C.K. will play a successful television producer and writer, and Moretz will play his daughter.


Also, the film has been shot entirely on 35mm, and will be presented in black and white. Arty!

This is actually C.K.'s second directorial outing, following the 2001 comedy flop Pootie-Tang (seriously, it was awful), but we do have one minor concern...

That title... Louis, are we married to that title? I'm sure it'll potentially make more sense and feel a little better in context, but seriously... that title, Louis... That title is terrible.