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Louis Theroux goes face-to-face with a pimp in the trailer for his new documentary
More compelling viewing coming this weekend.

'Some women get a rush out of going up to the room and manipulating a man out of their money.'

Theroux's latest documentary series has been the real water-cooler chats of late, as he has tackled some of the darker aspects of modern America in that bracingly honest, searingly intelligent way that only seems to be capable of.

In fact, he has been so good lately, that his most recent entry into the Dark States series had people online calling for him to be knighted immediately.

His next episode looks into sex trafficking, focusing on the state of Houston, which is considered to the hub for human trafficking in North America, with most of those ending up in the sex industry.

Over the course of the episode, Theroux looks into these industries, as well the police attempting to save women from the industry. He also delves into the unique relationship between prostitutes and their pimps, and in the clip below, we see Theroux chatting to one pimp in particular, who has no problem being as honest as possible about his lifestyle.

The latest entry into Theroux's Dark States airs on BBC Two on Sunday 15 October at 9pm.

Check out the trailer below.


Clip via BBC

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