You’re not better than us because you don’t watch Love Island 1 year ago

You’re not better than us because you don’t watch Love Island

You big weirdo.

Religiously, every year, society is split into two. A civil war of sorts. Between those who watch Love Island, and those who don’t. Actually maybe split into three is more accurate. The aforementioned two, and the people who are too proud to admit that they watch the series.


But the main split is between the first two. And it’s a strong divide. All one section wants to do is talk about Love Island, and all the other wants to do is tell you how bad it is, and how stupid you are for watching it.

Search Love Island on Twitter and you’ll see exactly what we mean. “You’d have to be some eejit to watch that Love Island bollocks, you couldn’t pay me to watch it.”

Grand. Luckily, nobody was thinking of throwing you a few quid to watch the thing. Cop on.

The same thing happened when the final season of Game of Thrones was on our screens. Our Twitter timelines were consumed with the worst kind of tweet. You know the one. “I must be the only one not to have seen ONE MINUTE of Game of Thrones”, accompanied by those God forsaken cry/laugh emojis.

Yep. You’re right. You’re the only one. You’ve done it. Now what?

But with Love Island it’s all a bit more toxic. People who watch it are seen as idiots by those who don’t.

Because of course those who don’t watch Love Island instead spend their evenings reading one of their many leather-bound books about the French Revolution, sipping only the finest of wines, before being fast asleep in bed by 9pm.


Cop on.

The show obviously has its flaws. Loads of them, in fact. Like every TV show does. There’s loads of reasons not to watch it, and plenty to watch it. But luckily, you’ve been blessed with the ability to decide for yourself whether you want to watch it, and you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Handy, isn’t it?

What’s even more confusing is the fact that half the time, it’s the person who hates Love Island that wants to talk about it more than the person who casually enjoys it. “You talking about Love Island? Load of absolute shite, isn’t it?”



If you want to have a serious discussion about the toxic nature of some of the fans that watch the show, and the vicious abuse directed to the contestants, then do that, but if you want to tell someone that the thing they like is shite “because it’s shite”, well then that just makes you a bit of a dick.

Maybe you love Love Island. Maybe you think it’s shite. But if you’re the latter, how about just shutting up and letting people have fun?

P.S, Tommy and Molly-Mae have warmed this cold's writer's heart. True love does exist. And it exists in the shape of Tyson Fury's brother and a bite-sized blonde lady.