Major UFC star lands role in new Fast and the Furious movie 4 years ago

Major UFC star lands role in new Fast and the Furious movie

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A major acting debut for a fan favourite in the UFC.

We've seen quite a lot of high-profile athletes make appearances in Hollywood throughout the years.


Michael Jordan in Space Jam, Lance Armstrong in Dodgeball, and Mike Tyson in The Hangover movies. It happens more often than you'd think.

Some are a success, while some feel awkward and forced.

UFC star Francis Ngannou will be hoping that he joins the list of athletes who make the successful crossover to the word of Hollywood, as it has just been announced by Deadline that he will appear in the upcoming movie Fast and the Furious 9.

Details for the yet-to-be-titled Fast & Furious 9 have yet to be released, so all we know so far is that Francis Ngannou will appear, and that there will be loads of fight scenes and explosions.


What else do you need to know, really?

Ngannou isn’t the first UFC fighter to join the franchise either. Gina Carano appeared in Fast & Furious 6 while Ronda Rousey came in swinging in Furious 7.

What's funny about Ngannou is that he won't even look out of place in the movie, considering the absolute SIZE of some of his soon to be co-stars.

This should be fun.


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