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15th Nov 2018

Steven Avery’s lawyer answers burning questions about Bobby Dassey’s role in Teresa Halbach’s death

Rudi Kinsella

Making a Murderer Ireland

Kathleen Zellner has answered some serious questions.

Season two of Making A Murderer was released to Netflix in October and it was just as much of a hit as the first season was.

Immediately, seemingly everyone was discussing the show in detail, and basically everyone had their own theories.

Well, the events of Thursday evening have seen us come that bit closer to finally getting some definitive answers.

Steven Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, has posted a lengthy thread on her Twitter account discussing the many questions that people may have about certain incidents in the show.

You can view the thread in full below:

The final tweet in Zellner’s thread read: “In conclusion, the killer is the person who had the access and opportunity to plant Steven Avery’s fresh blood in Teresa Halbach’s car.”

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