Martin Compston responds to fan disappointment with Line of Duty finale 1 year ago

Martin Compston responds to fan disappointment with Line of Duty finale

The stars of the show have also got a painful pledge to fulfill...

Potential spoilers for season six of Line of Duty ahead.


Line of Duty star Martin Compston has said that he "understands" why some may have been disappointed by the shows climax on Sunday evening.

The Scottish actor who has played Steve Arnott since the show's inception in 2012, posted a message on Twitter, giving his thoughts for the first time since the finale aired on BBC One to a record-breaking audience of 12.8 million.

In the statement he said he and the rest of the show's team had "truly been blown away by the reaction and love for the show we're proud of it."

He continued: "Fully understand it wasn't the 'urgent exit' type ending some anticipated but we appreciate you sticking with us.


"Felt many emotions from excitement and anxiety at the hype, to relief that it's over. Now I just feel immense pride our show that started on Wednesdays on BBC2 has just smashed every overnight drama record since they began."

It also turns out that the record-breaking viewing figures mean that Compston, his co-stars and series creator Jed Mercurio have an interesting promise to keep.


Compston revealed that him, Vicky McClure (Kate Fleming), Adrian Dunbar (Ted Hastings) and Mercurio made an agreement that if the show ever got 12 million viewers, they would all get 'AC12million' tattoos.

It looks like they have some appointments to book then.

McClure retweeted her mate's words, saying: "We are so grateful to you all. So much so looks like I'll have the ink to prove it!"

Meanwhile, Nigel Boyle, the man who played H himself Ian Buckells, has also addressed reaction to the finale, and come to the show's defence.


He told BBC Breakfast: "There’s always going to be some element of disappointment. You can’t have every series end with a big shoot out and 'urgent exit required'.

"Sometimes a subtler message is more important."

The 'urgent exit required' phrase is in reference to previous series conclusions that saw rather a lot more action and drama as other bent figures in the police tried last-ditch escapes from the clutches of AC-12.

The fact that series six didn't see a similar climax inevitably left many feeling rather flat, although there is a lot to be said for the fact that it was realistically the only way the show could end.