Succession stars discuss THAT final scene from the season 4 premiere 2 months ago

Succession stars discuss THAT final scene from the season 4 premiere

The premiere of the final season ended with a pretty decisive moment for two big characters.

After the premiere of Succession's fourth season aired this week, fans were left saddened by what seems to be the end of the marriage of Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Tom (Matthew MacFadyen).


After Tom sided with Logan in last season's finale, their relationship, which had been on the rocks since day one, looked to be untenable. An awkward meeting in this week's premiere proved that to be the case as the two finally agreed to go their separate ways.

In the final scene, Shiv runs into Tom in their apartment where she goes to pick up some clothes, when the two end up agreeing to "move on" from their relationship.

HBO Max dropped an Inside the Episode video following the first ep, giving us a greater insight into what's going on in the minds of the characters. It was particularly interesting to hear what MacFadyen and Snook had to say on the scene.


"I think a few months have elapsed since Italy and where we pick up and they haven't talked about it," said MacFadyen. "I guess there is a feeling from Tom that they need to discuss it at some point. If for no other reason than for him to stick up for himself and explain why he did what he did."

However, the scene unfolded with Tom unable to get what he wanted off his chest, with the two lying awkwardly on their bed holding hands.

"The power dynamics and the hierarchy between them has been upended," said Snook. "I think it's too sensitive for her to admit that someone played her. She's always trying to escape any situation that means she might have to be vulnerable.

"In some ways she finds it attractive - standing up for yourself and fighting back but I think she needs Tom to be a subordinate to her because it's safer that way."


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