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23rd Sep 2017

This new IRA prison-set drama is getting great reviews

Stick this on the must-watch list.


MAZE Netflix IRA

“What makes this a compelling story is the psychology of the men.”

We were absolutely delighted to hear that Tom Vaughan-Lawlor was starring in a feature film based on the infamous 1983 prison breakout of 38 IRA prisoners from HMP MAZE high-security prison.

The man formally known as Nidge (who JOE interviewed not too long ago) plays Larry Marley, the main man behind the operation who comes into contact with the prison warder while conducting his great escape.

We featured MAZE in a #Trailerchest in August and the film which was released on Friday 22 September has already been getting fantastic reviews.

The British Telegraph said that MAZE didn’t “seek to persuade you that they were right, but it does make you marvel at their delirious intelligence and their tenacity.”

The Irish Times was surprised by how good MAZE actually is stating that it was “more like the ‘Great Escape’ than we had any right to expect.”

“The tension is built up impressively. Vaughan-Lawlor combines raw commitment with a sneaky flexibility to give us an honest man who lies like a master.”

Film Ireland said that “what MAZE does impressively is blend historical context with genre filmmaking, managing to feel both important and exciting.”

It does feel both important and exciting and it’s not just the film critics that have been getting hyped up about this drama…

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