Michael Douglas may have just confirmed a huge theory about Avengers 4 2 years ago

Michael Douglas may have just confirmed a huge theory about Avengers 4

We had kind of guessed it, but this looks like it is now confirmed.

Are you fed up with rumours and guesswork about Avengers 4 yet? No? Good, us neither!


From mysterious photos on set (by the teasing directors, no less!), to fans putting together some mind-blowing ideas based on little more glimpses and single-frames in teaser trailers for other movies, it is difficult to think of any other movie with this much effort put into pre-guessing the plot (outside of a Star Wars movie, obvz).

Whenever there is any potential new tidbit to jump on, we jump on it, which brings us to a recent interview Michael Douglas took part in with On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Douglas plays The Wasp's Dad in the movies, one of the discoverers of the Quantum Realm, and while we had kind of guessed it would play a part in what was coming next in the MCU, Douglas pretty much confirmed it in the interview:

"I mean, all of them. The Quantum Realm, that’s the key. That’s the key. The Quantum Realm plays an important part in all the next chapters, I think, of the Marvel films."

The Quantum Realm has already played a major part in both of the Ant-Man movies, as well as Doctor Strange, and considering that cryptic "This was the only way" message that Strange gave the rest of the Avengers at the end of Infinity War, we're guessing his big plan involves the realm in some way.

Trying to tie together some of the elements we already know - the location of Scott Lang at the end of Ant-Man And The Wasp, that creepy child conversation at the end of Infinity War, a particular actor showing on the set of Avengers 4 - it would all seem to indicate that Avengers 4 biggest influence might actually be... Back To The Future?

That is, obviously, all guess work. For now. We'll have to wait until April 2019 to find out for sure.


Until then, we were lucky enough to sit down and chat with the legend when Ant-Man And The Wasp was released in cinemas, and he had a very funny story about telling Avengers 4 spoilers in that interview.

Check it out in full here: