An Earth-shattering new theory about Avengers 4 has the potential to change everything 3 years ago

An Earth-shattering new theory about Avengers 4 has the potential to change everything

If this is true, it will change everything we thought we knew about the MCU.

Eight months out, and we're still none-the-wiser about the upcoming Infinity War sequel.


We don't even know what the movie is called yet, and with so many unanswered questions from the ending of the first movie, this new information has only gone and made things potentially even worse.

On Wednesday, fans got their first proper glimpse at Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, who may be the character who is able to right all of the wrongs inflicted by Thanos at the end of Infinity War.

While Marvel's first standalone female-led superhero movie is due out 8 March 2019 (a month or so before the arrival of the Infinity War sequel), the first official pics from the movie made fans sit up and pay attention...

On the bottom right there are the first images of some of the movie's bad guys (aside from Ronan The Accuser, who you'll remember as the baddie from the first GOTG), and they are an alien race known as the Skrulls.

Aside from being a big feature in huge stories in the comics, the Skrulls are mostly known for being evil shapeshifters, and their most famous plot-line in the comics was known as the Secret Invasion.


Knowing that they couldn't match the might of the Avengers in a head-on battle, they instead secretly infiltrated them, picking them off one by one and using their shapeshifting powers to successfully mimic the appearance of those they'd replaced.

This lead to the complete dismantling of the Avengers, as nobody could be trusted to actually be who they were and not just an alien pretending to be them (so, basically, it was that scene from The Thing, but with superpowered heroes in place of Antarctic scientists).

With the arrival of the Skrulls in the MCU, and knowing that Captain Marvel takes place about 20 years before the events of the Infinity War, fans are now convinced that we're about to find out that one of the Avengers has actually been a Skrull this entire time.

Mind. Blown. Wide. Open.