New footage gives behind-the-scenes look at upcoming Michael Fassbender movie The Killer 9 months ago

New footage gives behind-the-scenes look at upcoming Michael Fassbender movie The Killer

It's from the director of Se7en, Mindhunter and Zodiac so we're very excited about this one...

Along with Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, one of our most-anticipated movies for 2023 is the Netflix film The Killer starring Michael Fassbender.


Directed by David Fincher (of Se7en, Mindhunter and Zodiac fame) and based on a French graphic novel series, the neo-noir action thriller revolves around an assassin who begins to psychologically crack as he develops a conscience.

However, this doesn't stop his clients from continuing to demand his skills.

Despite filming on The Killer finishing up all the way back in March of this year, Netflix has been quiet about the project - with no release date or trailer being revealed as of yet.

That said, some behind-the-scenes footage of the movie has been unveiled courtesy of the documentary series Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans, which chronicles the actor's major passion for racing.


At around 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the episode below, viewers are given a glimpse of Fassbender and Fincher shooting scenes for The Killer in a Los Angeles film studio.

Clip via Porsche

These include shots of Fassbender's character driving and being a passenger on a plane.


In the clip, the actor also discusses working on the project, stating:

“It felt really good to go back to work. The film that I did before [The Killer] was just before lockdown, but that was 2019, so I was definitely ready to go back to work.

"With somebody of David’s caliber, it was a very special opportunity for me - quite a few locations over a five-month period.

"What was interesting for me was taking the experience from what we’re doing on track and bringing it on set, especially with somebody like David who films very precisely.

"Everything is dealing in fractions in terms of how you deliver things and movement and exactly how the frame is occupied.

"You have to step on and deliver in a period of time and David, he’s looking for perfection and to do that within a take, however long that take is. It might be 40 seconds. It might be six minutes long, but within that time frame, you’re looking to do everything exactly as it should be.

"You’ve taken on board all the notes and there’s plenty of them to digest, but in the moment when you’re trying to deliver those notes, you’re not thinking at all."

The actor added that it was "a real honor", to work with Fincher and that he "learned a lot from him".

Along with Fassbender, The Killer's cast includes Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton) and Charles Parnell (Top Gun: Maverick) while its screenplay comes from writer Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en).


A release date has not been set for the film yet but it is expected to premiere next year.