The White Lotus creator absolutely scorches entire Golden Globes audience 2 weeks ago

The White Lotus creator absolutely scorches entire Golden Globes audience

"It's very gratifying to have this moment..."

Mike White is really having a moment right now.


After the huge success of the first season of his creation The White Lotus, which was initially intended to be a one-and-done scenario, he returned to write and direct every episode of the Sicily-set second season, and during Tuesday night's Golden Globes ceremony it took home two of the big awards.

Jennifer Coolidge once again won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series, and then Mike White took to the stage when the show won the overall Best Limited Series award.

White's previous screenwriting career is a bit chequered, ranging from School Of Rock to... (yikes)... The Emoji Movie, but it seems like he's really found his groove now.

And when took to the stage for his award, he let the crowd know it...


He starts off by calling attention to his own... uhm... lack of sobriety on stage - "I was going to do this acceptance speech in Italian, but I'm too drunk. Because there was no food!" - before setting fire to the entire Golden Globe audience.

"I want to thank all of the actors, and Jennifer [Coolidge], I love you. We went out with a show, we wanted to do, me and Jennifer, and everybody passed. I know you all passed. You all passed on this show! And so, yes, it's very gratifying to have this moment."


The crowd took it well, with lots of laughter and applause, but Mike White wasn't done quite yet:

"Lastly, the last thing I want to say is to our Italian crew. Our Italian crew was amazing. You had to be there. But it was amazing, the experience was amazing."

You can check out the full list of winners right here, or you can watch the ceremony in full tonight on RTÉ2 from 9.05pm.

Also, you can watch both seasons of The White Lotus on Sky Atlantic or with a NOW Entertainment Membership.