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09th Mar 2024

Miriam Margolyes ‘worries about’ Harry Potter fans because ‘they should be over it by now’

Charlie Herbert

Miriam Margolyes has said she ‘worries about Harry Potter fans’, admitting that she doesn’t really understand the appeal of the franchise.

A legend of British stage and screen, to many Margolyes is best known for her role as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films.

But in an interview with New Zealand’s 1News, she spoke of her indifference to the franchise.

She told the channel: “I worry about Harry Potter fans. They should be over that by now.

“You know, I mean, it was 25 years ago, and it’s for children. I think it’s for children. But they get stuck in it.”

The actor revealed that she often gets requests on Cameo from fans who are having Harry Potter-themed weddings, something which she also can’t wrap her head around.

She said: “I do cameos and people say ‘oh, I’m having a Harry Potter themed wedding’ and I think ‘Gosh, what’s their first night of fun going to be?’ I can’t even think about it.”

Margolyes did say that she thinks the Wizarding World stories are “wonderful” and that she is “grateful” to the franchise, but that it is “over.”

This isn’t the first time the 82-year-old has spoken of her indifference to Harry Potter. Back in 2020 she said in a Cameo to a fan: “I’m not [a Harry Potter fan]. I’m not against it, I’m just not interested.

“I’ve never seen a film. I’ve never seen the books, I’ve never read them. I just pocket the money when it comes and I’m very grateful for it.”

And last year she told British Vogue that Harry Potter “wasn’t important,” adding: “I was very glad I got the part and I enjoyed being in it and meeting all the people, but it’s not Charles Dickens.”

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