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10th Jan 2024

Harry Potter Quidditch multiplayer game is now beta testing

Stephen Porzio


Warner Bros. Games are already working on a ‘series’ of Hogwarts Legacy follow-ups.

Hogwarts Legacy was one of 2023’s biggest games, with 22 million copies sold by the end of the year.

And following its massive success, Warner Bros. Games – the publisher behind the action role-playing game – are already working on a “series” of follow-ups set in the Potterverse world.

One of these is the previously announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, which has been described as a “fast-paced, competitive multiplayer game featuring the… most iconic magical sport”.

“Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is a complete, standalone Quidditch experience… It engages players in the sport of Quidditch and other broomstick adventures alongside friends in a competitive, multiplayer setting,” a press release for the title states.

Harry Potter Quidditch multiplayer game is now beta testing

In a new interview with Variety, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president David Haddad confirmed that the Quidditch game is now in the beta-testing phase.

“We don’t have any particular announcements on exactly how and when [the Quidditch game] is going to come to the market, but we are working to get it designed in a way just to delight fans,” Haddad told the outlet.

He also said that Warner Bros. Games are working on a “a series of other things” in the Potterverse that are currently unannounced but “will let the fans be part of this world and stories and characters in deeper and deeper ways”.

A release date for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has not been set, with the game to be available for PC, as well as consoles which have not yet been confirmed.

The official website for the game also states: “Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is presently in limited playtests. You can sign up for your chance to join current and future playtests here. Registration does not guarantee entry.”

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