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07th Dec 2022

EXCLUSIVE: There is one surprising entry in the Ireland’s Most Googled TV Shows of 2022

Rory Cashin


Google has also revealed what the single-most Googled thing was for all of 2022.

Come the close of the year, Google does its own version of Spotify Wrapped (even though Google has been doing this for longer), but for the entire country.

Yep, the gigantic search engine lets us all know what the most-searched for things have been over the last 12 months, and below you’ll find Ireland’s lists of the most-Googled terms, movies and people.

But Google has also exclusively revealed the ten most Googled TV shows of 2022, and while most of them are very obvious, one of them does stand out as a bit of a surprise:

  1. Dahmer (Netflix)
  2. The Watcher (Netflix)
  3. Euphoria (NOW/Sky)
  4. Inventing Anna (Netflix)
  5. Stay Close (Netflix)
  6. House of the Dragon (NOW/Sky)
  7. Love Island (Terrestrial TV)
  8. Pam & Tommy (Disney+)
  9. Anatomy Of A Scandal (Netflix)
  10. The Tinder Swindler (Netflix)

Noticing the odd one out? The one that feels absolutely nobody was talking about before, during or after it arrived?

Yep, Stay Close, apparently a show that drove a lot of curiosity, but not much conversation. The rest of the shows on the list have left some kind of indelible memory or impact, for better or for worse, depending on the show. But it does feel like Stay Close has been completely wiped from our collective memory.

Elsewhere on the Most Googled lists, here are the top ten most-searched overall terms/words:

  1. Wordle
  2. Ukraine
  3. Queen Elizabeth
  4. Ashling Murphy
  5. World Cup
  6. Heardle
  7. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
  8. Johnny Depp
  9. Russia
  10. Anne Heche

The ten Most Googled people in Ireland for 2022 were:

  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Amber Heard
  3. Will Smith
  4. Vladamir Putin
  5. Liz Truss
  6. Novak Djokovic
  7. Anna Delvey
  8. Matt Hancock
  9. Michael Owen
  10. Sinead O’Connor

And, finally, the ten Most Googled movies in Ireland for the year were:

  1. The Batman
  2. Uncharted
  3. Thor: Love & Thunder
  4. Top Gun: Maverick
  5. The Banshees of Inisherin
  6. Encanto
  7. Black Adam
  8. The Lost Daughter
  9. Don’t Worry Darling
  10. The Good Nurse

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