The greatest horror thriller of all time is among the movies on TV tonight 1 year ago

The greatest horror thriller of all time is among the movies on TV tonight

One to watch while you're having an old friend for dinner.

Another week over, and we're already nearly at the end of February.


With all the storms happening across the country over the past few days, we think it's a good idea to stay in tonight.

And what better way to spend your evening in than with a good movie?

Here's JOE's top picks for movies on the small screen this Sunday.

The Magnificent Seven - ITV4 - 5.05pm


"This town ain't big enough for the seven of us."

The Amazing Spider-Man - ITV2 - 6.20pm

Andrew Garfield's first outing as the web slinger.

Kevin and Perry Go Large - Comedy Central - 9pm


One of the most late 90s / 2000s movies in existence.

Dirty Dancing - E4 - 9pm

One to watch if you're looking for inspiration for some moves to pull out at the clubs.

Silence of the Lambs - ITV4 - 10.30pm


Our top pick for tonight is one of the best horror thrillers of all time.

Incredible performances, a terrifying villain, and more Oscars than you can shake a stick at.

Anyone else craving fava beans and a nice chianti right now?

Inglorious Bastards - Turner Classic Movies - 11pm

The movie every TV announcer is too afraid to say the name of.


The Gambler - Film4 - 11.20pm

Mark Wahlberg has to know when to hold'em, and know when to fold'em.

Gone Girl - Channel 4 - 11.30pm

David Fincher can do no wrong, really.

The Program - BBC One - 11.30pm

Chris O'Dowd features in this fact-based drama around controversial former world champion Lance Armstrong.