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06th Oct 2022

An iconic Schwarzenegger double bill is among the movies on TV tonight

Hugh Carr

movies on tv 6 october

No better way to spend a Thursday evening.

The weekend is oh, so, close.

We can almost taste the lie-in on Saturday morning, the fry in the morning, and the cold chips from the night before.

But until then, it’s one more sleep, one more work day, and one more night to chill out.

And there really is no better way to chill than with a great film.

Here’s JOE’s top picks for the best movies on the small screen this Thursday (6 October).

Ali – BBC Four – 9pm

Will Smith’s biographical take on the greatest boxer of all time.

The Tall Man – Horror Channel – 9pm

Jessica Biel stars in this so-so horror. Who knew tall people could be so scary?

The Equalizer – Film4 – 9pm

An adaptation of the 80’s television series starring Denzel Washington as the former secret agent caught in a web of crime.

The Terminator & Predator – ITV4 – 9.05pm & 11.15pm

Our top picks for tonight is a double bill of iconic 80’s action, brought to us by the Governator himself.

Released within three years of each other, both of these sci-fi thrillers not only cemented Schwarzenegger as a must-watch star of his era, but also spawned two series’ that exist to this day.

The Terminator series alone has seen six films, with Predator becoming a horror icon.

And it all kicked off with these two films. If you haven’t seen them already, fix that tonight.

Let Her Out – Horror Channel – 11.05pm

Critics loved this body horror about an unborn twin, but audiences weren’t too crazy. It’s up to you to decide, I guess.

Moonlight – BBC Four – 11.30pm

Although it’s best known forĀ that moment at the Oscars, this beautiful film deserved the Best Picture win. A must watch.

Daredevil – Film4 – 1.45am

Do you remember when this was the best Marvel could offer us? Dark times.

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