One of the best Marvel comedies is among the movies on TV tonight 1 year ago

One of the best Marvel comedies is among the movies on TV tonight

Spend Sunday with the Merc with a Mouth.

It was Valentine's Eve, and all through the gaff...


A couple were searching on telly, for a bit of a laugh...

When they opened their phone, and let out with glee...

JOE's recommendations for the best movies on TV.

The Smurfs - ITV2 - 4.20pm


This is exactly as good (or bad) as you'd expect it to be.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - ITV2 - 6.25pm

The second one.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - E4 - 6.30pm


This movie belongs in a museum.

Star Trek Beyond - Film4 - 6.40pm

The third (or 13th, depending on who's counting) one.

Deadpool - E4 - 9pm


Our top pick for this evening is still one of the best films Marvel has made.

This film was stuck in development hell for years, but after a totally-not-suspicious leak of footage received huge fanfare, Deadpool got the go-ahead.

With Deadpool 3 set to be a part of the MCU, it's well worth seeing where it all began if you haven't already.

What Happens in Vegas - Comedy Central - 9pm

...stays on Comedy Central forever.


In the Line of Fire - ITV4 - 10pm

"Do you feel lucky... Mr President?"

Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love - BBC4 - 10.35pm

Nothing says romance quite like a documentary about Leonard Cohen and his muse out on the Greek island of Hydra.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - Sony Movie Channel - 12.45am

The third film in the Mexico Trilogy.

Paranormal Activity - Horror Channel - 12.50am

A spooky film to send you to sleep.