Here are the 8 best movies on TV this Friday 2 months ago

Here are the 8 best movies on TV this Friday

A big night on the box.

You know the drill. It's the weekend, there are movies on your television.

We've done the hard work and sifted through the most interesting options.

Here are those options on this Friday 15 March...

Mrs. Doubtfire - Film 4 - 6.30pm

The late Robin Williams shines in this beloved '90s comedy.

Wayne's World - Universal TV - 8pm

Party time, excellent.

The Transporter - E4 - 9pm

Jason Statham moves sensitive cargo around.

Boyhood - RTÉ 2 - 9.15pm

Richard Linklater's most epic undertaking as he documents the life of a young boy in real-time.

Birdman - BBC Two - 11.10pm

Michael Keaton gets very meta and arthouse in this addled Oscar-winning drama.

The World's End - Film 4 - 11.40pm

The conclusion of the Cornetto trilogy sees Simon Pegg desperate to complete a legendary pub crawl.

Lockout - Channel 4 - 12.40am

We'll forever be annoyed that they didn't call this SPACE JAIL.

Fight Night - Film 4 - 1.50am

The original and by far the best. Tremendously fun campy horror comedy.