Here are the best movies on TV on Saturday 1 month ago

Here are the best movies on TV on Saturday

A few very funny flicks on the box tonight.

The weather is fairly grim out there, so if you're staying in, and looking for something to watch on the tele tonight, look no further.

Here's what's up for grabs.

Shrek - ITV 2 - 6.05pm


Kung Fu Panda 3 - 6.35pm

Fun watch for the whole family starring the brilliant Jack Black. As you can imagine, there's no need to have seen the first two...

Dr. No - UTV - 8.30pm 

007 (played by Sean Connery in this one) travels to the Caribbean to investigate when a fellow agent is murdered by a trio of mysterious blind assassins.

Kicking and Screaming - Sky Comedy - 9pm 

One of Will Ferrell's most underrated films, and also one of his more PG movies, in case you're looking to let the kids tune in too. He plays a football manager who gets more and more crazy as the story progresses.

Transformers - Sky One - 9pm

Michael Bay's massive sci-fi action adventure, inspired by the toy franchise, starring a young Shia LaBeouf and an equally young Megan Fox. Launched an insanely big franchise.

Ted 2 - E4 - 9pm

Quite a funny watch, starring Seth McFarlene (in teddy bear form) Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi and Jessica Barth. Probably not as good as the original, but worth a watch if you're looking for a few laughs.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - RTÉ2 - 9.15pm 

We're gonna say it. It's one of the best ever Star Wars movies. Better than all the prequels, and better than every movie that's come since. Don't @ us.