Here are the 6 best movies on TV this Thursday 2 years ago

Here are the 6 best movies on TV this Thursday

Is that... rain? It's rain. Stay in and watch the best performance of Liam Neeson's career.

No, not Michael Collins.


No, not Schindler's List.

No, not even Batman Begins.

That's right; Liam Neeson's finest hour comes in The Grey, which just edges the top pick in our Movies on TV rundown for Thursday 6 September.

Let's see who he's up against tonight, shall we?

Shaun of the Dead - ITV 2 - 9pm

Edgar Wright's sharp, violent and oddly heartwarming ode to the zombie movies he grew up feasting on somehow does the impossible; it becomes a classic on its own terms.

Simon Peggs leads the way as the titular going-nowhere Shaun, who must cop on and become a proper functioning adult as an outbreak of the undead gets in the way.


The Spy Who Loved Me - ITV 4 - 9pm

"The best film ever made" according to Alan Partridge.

Clip via BBC Studios

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - 4seven - 9pm


Tom Cruise returns in the sequel to the criminally underrated Jack Reacher in a bit of a disjointed outing that saddles the mysterious loner title character with a cute child for some reason.

Gotta be honest - in comparison to the first one (which is excellent, seriously) this doesn't quite hold up, but you do get some random bursts of unjustifiably vicious violence from the Cruiser, so that's something.

The Grey - Film 4 - 11.15pm

The marketing for The Grey really did the film a disservice, selling a different experience entirely.


We all see our beloved Liam Neeson strap some broken miniature glass bottles to his fists, ready to take on a wild wolf in arctic conditions and then... well, just watch it.

The Grey is so, so, so much more than a cheap goofy thrill. It is an incredible depiction of life, death and how tough guy macho posturing counts for nothing when your days are numbered.

Neeson has never been better, and should have won every single award going.

Out for Justice - ITV 4 - 11.40pm


Steven Seagal might by a highly problematic individual but there was a time when his action movies were appointment viewing.

Out for Justice might well be the best of the bunch, as Seagal's no-nonsense cop leaves a trail of blood and bodies in his wake as he hunts down the cocaine-fuelled villain who killed his best friend.

The Bling Ring - Film 4 - 1.30am

Emma Watson leaves Harry Potter behind in the true life story of a gang of bored teenagers who decide to not bother with summer jobs and instead thieve from the likes of Paris Hilton instead.