Here are the 9 best movies on TV this Tuesday 1 year ago

Here are the 9 best movies on TV this Tuesday

Hey, it's the second day of the week.



Bring. It. On.

And bring on the movies on TV.

Here's how it looks on Tuesday 11 February...

The Day The Earth Stood Still - Film 4 - 6.55pm

Keanu Reeves-led remake of a classic science fiction drama.

Apollo 13 - ITV4 - 8pm

Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton shoot for the moon.


Johnny English - Sky One - 8pm

Rowan Atkinson in bumbling James Bond mode.

The Relic - SyFy - 9pm

Not bad '90s creature feature.

Gods of Egypt - Film 4 - 9pm


One of the great bad movies of recent years in which Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau do battle as ancient mythical super-beings.

Training Day - TCM - 9pm

This is always on, but Denzel Washington is absolutely electric so we're just going to keep on including it in this list.

Oblivion - ITV4 - 10.50pm


Undeniably derivative but nonetheless enjoyable and very pretty sci-fi in which Tom Cruise discovers more than he bargained for in seemingly empty future world.

Wild - Film 4 - 11.25pm

In which Reese Witherspoon's boots are made for walking.

Enter The Dragon - TCM - 11.35pm


Iconic Bruce Lee action.