Here are the movies on RTÉ this Christmas 5 months ago

Here are the movies on RTÉ this Christmas

Not long now...

Christmas is ticking ever closer and that can only mean one thing, spending time with your family spending long hours on the couch watching an endless stream of movies and TV shows.

While we have Netflix and other streaming services to meet our needs, there's something about watching movies on terrestrial TV where you have an ad break for your cup of tea and biscuit.

Honestly, when the Harry Potter movies are on every day for a week, or Back to the Future is on eight channels at once, you know it's that special time of year.

BBC released the list the movies they're showing on Christmas Day and New Year's Day on Tuesday and Netflix will have loads of new additions to keep you going.

But we're interested in RTÉ and what our National Broadcaster has in store for us, so below is a list of movies they'll be showing over Christmas.

Anything that interests you on this list?


The Jungle Book

Notorious (Conor McGregor documentary)



Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Magnificent Seven



Home Alone

Love Actually

Miracle on 34th Street

Seasons of Harry Potter and James Bond