There is another movie based on Mrs. Brown's Boys on the way 3 years ago

There is another movie based on Mrs. Brown's Boys on the way

It will apparently focus on two of Mrs. Brown's Boys specifically.

Despite having just 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie was a bit of a box office hit in Ireland and the UK, so it really was just a matter of time before talk of a sequel would begin to surface.


However, it looks like the series will actually be getting a spin-off instead, as the next movie will feature of Buster (played by Brendan O'Carroll's real life soon Danny) and his best mate Dermot (Danny O'Carroll's real-life best mate Paddy Houlihan).

Speaking at the British Film Institute, O'Carroll had the following to say (via Metro):

"If you watch Mrs Brown, or you watch the TV series, or you come to the live show, you can see that chemistry between them. They’re currently writing a movie about Dermot and Buster.

"We’ll hopefully direct, get Universal to produce the] movie, starring the two of them as Dermot and Buster you know, as a bit of a spin-off. They’re currently doing that and I think it’s going to be really successful.


"What’ll make them successful is the chemistry that they have with each other. Something that they have that you rarely rarely see, you saw it in Morecambe and Wise."

Before then, fans of the show will be getting two new visits from the family, as Mrs. Brown's Boys will air on Christmas Day and on New Year's Day, with new arrivals, deaths of loved ones, and Christmas decoration competitions to feature.

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