Here is how much each “celebrity” is being paid to appear on I’m a Celeb 5 years ago

Here is how much each “celebrity” is being paid to appear on I’m a Celeb

The only thing worse than a celebrity turning to reality TV is when a celebrity turns to Iceland ads.

We, the mere plebeian mortals of the world can never understand the pay scale of in celebland but we assumed it would be sufficient.


Now, a leaked list of the salaries the guests are being paid has revealed that there is a massive disparity between the “stars.”

Topping the payscale is famed mathematician Carol Vorderman who is set to receive a whopper £200,000. We admit, we’d eat a cricket for that.

Next is former England footballer, Wayne Bridge who is going to pocket £150,000 for his antics in the Jungle.

Soapstars Larry Lamb and Adam Thomas are being paid an undisclosed sum but it’s likely it’s on the higher end of the payscale.


Strictly Come Dancing expert, Ola Jordan will receive £90,000 with Lisa Snowden, Scarlett Moffat and Sam Quek each receiving £20k less.

Jordan Banjo, the mastermind behind the dance troupe Diversity and comedian Joel Dommett will each pocket a measly £25,000.

Of course, there’s no limited to the value each “celebrity” might earn after the show, if they successfully revive their careers.

It’s a small compensation for dealing with an abundance of unexpected woes.


According to reports yesterday, feral dogs are believed to be on the loose.

The wild animals hunt in packs of ten and have attacked other animals.

The contestants are due to film on Springbrook Mountain where the canines have mauled livestock and pets.

It's thought that the dogs have been breeding in national parks and now that there are so many of them, they have started to hunt in packs near people's private properties.


At present, according to various news sites, the State Government has not taken action but now that the problem has escalated, it's hoped they will intervene.