Netflix has a new entry in its top 10 most-viewed original shows of all time 4 months ago

Netflix has a new entry in its top 10 most-viewed original shows of all time

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How many of these have you seen? Or maybe more importantly, how many of these did you actually like and finish??

Netflix has been pretty secretive about the exact numbers of accounts that watch their shows and movies, and exactly how long they're being watched before people start tuning out.


You can probably tell which shows haven't done well, because you'll hear that Netflix have pulled the plug on them completely: big releases such as Cowboy Bebop, The Irregulars and Jupiter's Legacy were all cancelled in 2021 after their first season debuted the streaming platform.

On the flip-side, Netflix will often celebrate successful launches of new movies and shows, announcing that the total viewing time is breaking records left, right and centre. It is why Red Notice (currently the number one most-watched Netflix original movie) will be getting not one but TWO sequels, set to be filmed back-to-back in the not-too-distant future.

It is also why certain shows are pretty much guaranteed multiple seasons, and this week, Netflix has a brand new entry in their top ten most-viewed original shows of all time.

How they calculate the data is by adding up the total hours viewed in the first 28 days of the show's launch, and to that end, the second season of The Witcher (which launched on 17 December 2021) has cracked the top 10:


1. Squid Game - Season One: 1.65 billion hours watched in 28 days

2. Bridgerton - Season One: 625 million hours

3. Money Heist - Season Four: 619 million hours

4. Stranger Things - Season Three: 582 million hours


5. The Witcher - Season One: 541 million hours

6. 13 Reasons Why - Season Two: 496 million hours

7. 13 Reasons Why - Season One: 476 million hours

8. Maid: 469 million hours


9. You - Season Three: 468 million hours

10. The Witcher - Season Two: 462 million hours

Netflix UK & Ireland recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the proper launch of its app here, so to acknowledge that anniversary, the guys at The Big Reviewski picked out the five best (not most-watched, but actual BEST) Netflix original shows of all time.

You can check out that countdown at the start of their most recent episode right here:


And in case you're interested, here is the full top 10 of Netflix's most-watched original movies:

1. Red Notice - 354 million hours watched in 28 days

2. Don't Look Up - 321 million hours (and counting, still within the first 28 days of release)

3. Bird Box - 282 million hours

4. Extraction - 231 million hours

5. The Irishman - 215 million hours

6. The Kissing Booth 2 - 209 million hours

7. 6 Underground - 205 million hours

8. Spencer Confidential - 197 million hours

9. Enola Holmes - 190 million hours

10. Army of the Dead - 187 million hours

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