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21st Jan 2021

Netflix confirm Bridgerton Season 2 is on the way

Rudi Kinsella

bridgerton season 2

Some more raunchy fun is on the way, Netflix has confirmed.

While we all remained indoors over Christmas, a hell of a lot of people turned their attention to their Netflix accounts and binge watched the entire first season of Bridgerton.

In fact, it was streamed a record breaking 63 million times by households over the Christmas period.

And if you were in one of those households, you will be delighted to hear that a second season of Bridgerton (or Ride and Prejudice, as one genius Twitter user called it) is on the way.

No release date was shared, but production is due to return in spring of this year.

Once Nicola Coughlan is still involved in some capacity, then we’re all in.

Netflix shared the news on Thursday, accompanied by a letter written by Lady Whistledown herself.

The ton are abuzz with the latest gossip, and so it is my honour to impart to you: 

Bridgerton shall officially return for a second season. I do hope you have stored a bottle of ratafia for this most delightful occasion.

The incomparable cast of Bridgerton will return to production in the Spring of 2021. This author has been reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season.  I will have my pen ready to report on any and all of his romantic activities.

However, gentle reader, before you set the comments section alight with requests for more sordid details, know that I am disinclined to report on the particulars at this time.  Patience, after all, is a virtue.

Yours Truly,

Lady Whistledown