Netflix viewers shocked by 'chilling' documentary with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score 1 week ago

Netflix viewers shocked by 'chilling' documentary with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score

A must watch for True Crime fans.

A brand new documentary is taking Netflix by storm and has jumped to #1 in the Irish most-watched charts this week.


The feature-length documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer tells the nearly unbelievable story of a man who became embroiled in a nightmare love-triangle in 2012, which progressed from harassment to arson and, eventually, to murder.

Released on Friday, Feb 9 , the true-crime doc has been getting rave reviews and has a remarkable 100% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix viewers fascinated by 'chilling' doc with 100% rotten tomatoes score


The synopsis for the documentary reads: "Dave was recently out of a long-term relationship and eager to restart his romantic life, so he did what most people do: He tried online dating.

"Liz and Cari were two of his most promising connections, both single moms with winning personalities who helped bring him out of his shell in different ways. It should have been an opportunity for this hard-working, devoted dad to enjoy a second chance at casual romance, but it turned into a twisted love triangle, putting Dave and everyone he cared about at risk.

"Using interviews with those involved – including the law enforcement officers who cracked the case – alongside vivid reenactments that bring viewers into the tension and paranoia of Dave’s four year nightmare, this feature documentary deftly assembles the pieces of a mind-bending true tale of harassment, digital deception, and murder in America’s heartland."

Netflix - Lover, Stalker, Killer


The film also involves a shocking twist that most viewers will not see coming and, speaking on the subject to Netflix Tudum before its release, director Sam Hobkinson said: "We enter this story from the perspective of Dave, who is caught in a complete web of falsehood. I wanted the storytelling to somehow reflect that confusion, and ultimately, his total disbelief when he realizes what’s happened."

"As a director, it was a gift of a story," Hobkinson added. "Especially if you’re interested in making structured narratives that are about deception and identity."

Check out what critics had to say about the shocking film below:

Rolling Stone - "Hobkinson deserves credit for creating suspense throughout, with assistance from Nick Foster’s score, which happily flirts with Bernard Herrmann, and cinematography and editing that add to the feeling of disorientation and instability."


Chicago Sun Times - "Absolutely bizarre and chilling..."

The Daily Beast - "Even in a crowded true-crime field, it’s something of a doozy."

New York Times - "True-crime doc watchers who are in committed relationships may see Lover, Stalker, Killer, a bracing account of a lurid series of misdeeds directed by Sam Hobkinson, and breathe a sigh of relief over being out of the dating pool."

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