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28th Aug 2017

Netflix has introduced its own brand of weed inspired by its shows

Would you like a Prickly Muffin or a Bojack Horseman?


Bringing a whole new meaning to “Netflix and chill.”

With the huge success of Netflix and the impact that it has on people’s lives, we knew it was only a matter of time before they expanded further into the broadcast market or into a different one entirely.

We didn’t think they’d make this big of a change though.

The American entertainment company is currently developing strains of marijuana and the production takes its inspiration from ten of its shows.

According to Variety, this new business venture is part of a promotion for Netflix’s new upcoming series Disjointed which is about a woman who makes her dream a reality by opening up a marijuana dispensary.

However, federal regulations mean that the strains will not be available for mail-order purchase. Instead, Netflix is going having a sale in Hollywood and anyone with medical conditions requiring cannabis use will be able to get some of the branded strains.

Three of the ten strains are inspired by the Disjointed show which is created by Chuck Lorre of The Big Bang Theory fame.

There are some bizarre names for the different types such as Prickly Muffin and Bojack Horseman but it is for a good cause and Netflix has clearly stated that it is not profiting from the sale of any of the products and that it is for Disjointed’s promotion services only.

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