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04th Feb 2018

We have absolutely no idea what this new Netflix trailer is for, but we’re intrigued

Rory Cashin

Your guess is as good as ours.

Netflix have made mystery into something almost like a medium of art all by itself.

When you think of the teasers for Dark or The OA or Seven Seconds, when you try to work out the whodunnit plots of Making A Murderer or Altered Carbon, Netflix have successfully managed to bait our curiosity each and every time using their scalpel sharp instincts for a well-placed sense of mystique.

However, this … this may be taking things one step too far.

Here is the first official trailer for Tamborine:

Clip via Netflix 

Is it a TV show? A movie? Doesn’t say.

Who is in it? Is anybody it? No idea.

When is it out? “Coming soon”, which could be next week, or next year.

Is it some kind of game-show, where the players have to play a particular song on a tambourine? Could be. Doubtful, but not completely off the reservations of possibility.

Maybe is it a documentary on the totally underappreciated Eve single ‘Tambourine’? Also could be, but seems even more doubtful. You never know, though.

Do we know anything about it? Not. One. Thing. It could be a horror movie about summoning evil spirits with specific musical instruments, or it could be an actual interactive tambourine that you can play with using your remote control.

Also, the title is Tamborine, not tambourine… the “U” is missing… could that mean something? Tamborine is the name of a mountain in Australia, or maybe it is about Jeffrey Tambor, and… oh, we’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole now, haven’t we?

The only thing we know for sure is that we are very much intrigued.

Watch this space.

Clip via EveVEVO

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